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National Organic Program.

We happily participate in this program to ensure that your coffees are chemical free.  The certified organic coffees have been grown on organic farms and transported to our roasting facility with this certification.  From arrival to the roasting plant, we continue using organic protocol to maintain their chemical free integrity.  Mattie is no longer certifing her roasting facility as she is just one gal on a farm and trusts that you trust her (believe you me!  she is an organic ingredient freak!)  This is a healthful and environmentally sound program that allows us to bring organic coffees to you.


Virginia’s Finest:

Virginia’s Finest deems our coffees in the realm of “the best of the best”…high above the industry standard.  We are proud to bear the Virginia seal of local quality in coffee.

Rainforest Alliance:

This program works directly with farmers to teach and encourage good land use practices focusing on natural rainforest cover and no adverse impact on natural bodies and flows of water. Rainforest Alliance promotes training, safe working conditions, sanitation and health for farm workers with a focus on sustainable production.  We love this program as it reflects the core of our farming, people loving, coffee roasting hearts.

Fair Trade Certified™:

The fair trade seal assures the customer that a fair and just price was paid for the product at origin. As coffee roasters we understand the importance of this program…it can mean the difference between making a living and living well. We proudly participate in the Artisan Roasters Program through TransFair USA.  Our first choice is fair trade, although not always available, the program continues to expand to guarantee a fair world of exchange.


Above & Beyond: for trees and seeds and magical coffee dreams

This is our in house program to guarantee that we remain a holistic company and continue to expand our edge in the realm of sharing.  We donate 5% of our roasts to Feeding America in Southwest Virginia which distributes our coffees to local efforts helping to reduce hunger.  We propagate trees of all kinds and save heirloom vegetable seeds which are offered free of charge through our coffeehouses and retail establishments at various times throughout the year.  We donate hundreds of pounds of coffee a year to various community events that practice sustainable gathering of community…and we continue to evolve.