Keep Craig Beautiful

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When I was young, this was the sign...a pale, faded-blue, wooden sign...chipped and weather worn at the top of the mountain as you dropped from Alleghany County into Glorious Craig (no offense Alleghany).  "Keep Craig Beautiful."  The long miles ahead of The Jefferson National Forest brought a much needed sigh of relief from the wildness [...]

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Huehuetenango and Chajulense

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Huehuetenango:  Raw sugar and dried cherry mingle with this smooth and delicate body. Chajulense:  Smooth and creamy with delicate notes of hazelnut. Both offerings sweetly bring joy to every cup! We are happy to offer this years fresh crops from Guatemala.  Wonderful notes of fruits and light sugars with creamy nuts play with your palette.  [...]

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Floyd Country Store’s Jingle Tap Blend

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Jingle Tap Blend:  This full-bodied blend will have you tapping your toes in pure joy! Smooth and bold. Floyd Country Store’s cup of down-to-earth cheer. Floyd, V.A. Bring on the strings!  This great blend fuels many a dancing toe and many a swinging partner!  If you haven't yet been to Floyd Country Store's Friday night [...]

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The Forest For the Trees

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Forest Blend:  A deep and complex blend, with vibrant, spicy aromas and nice acidity. Like a long hike on a crisp fall evening, when the leaves turn fiery red in the golden sun. The far my favorite place on Earth.  It is fitting that I married a sawyer and allowed myself to whisked into [...]

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Five for Fifty Five!

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Thanks for helping with our energy efficiency and purchasing our Treasure Deals!  They are a treasure and an excellent deal.  Mattie fills up a roasting batch and these extras become a grouping just waiting for your address to grace their label.  They are fresh and excellent...just homeless.  Won't you help a coffee bean out and [...]

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Mattie’s Mountain Mud Celebrates Twenty Years!

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Twenty Years!  oh my.  We surfed the "troubled water," we "grounded ourselves,"  we discovered the "silver lining," we held onto our mugs as "life's wild!," and we "fueled our evolution."  This venture has been more wild than I could have ever predicted.  I have learned from the high glory of fresh-picked, local blueberries on top [...]

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The Dark Side

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The Dark Side...with a little light from above. This grouping is for the brave of heart!  Four bags, one each: Appalachian Smoke Midnight River Velvet A range of wicked dark roasts over french roasts and smooth mediums along with aroma roasted italians and smoked coals.  A great tour of the dark side without [...]

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