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I love fresh artisan-roasted, specialty coffees…there is nothing like sharing a cup over the harvest table with a friend.  This is why I have spent my life’s work perfecting the craft of roasting coffee (over twenty years and counting).  I import the best quality coffee beans seasonally available, from sound, small farms and co-operatives that produce an incredible crop and which, ultimately, provides an excellent brew for you and me.

I treat every bean with great respect, roast them to perfection taking into account the growing season they were produced within, the stage of harvest in which they exist, and the unique traits of each varietal.  I honor your order…be it one pound or one hundred pounds and roast your request fresh for you.  I also participate in several certification programs to assure you of the quality of bean I offer.  My roasting facility is located on our family farm in Virginia.  We strive for holistic and balanced living and consider these coffees to be part of our family.

Hope these beans make your world a little more wonderful – yours in coffee, Mattie Skaff Barnes  Roastmaster.